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Our Features

Incident and Outage Monitoring

FlowOps aggregates status pages, providing comprehensive monitoring of SaaS services and cloud infrastructure to detect outages and incidents, ensuring timely response and resolution.

Product and event monitoring

FlowOps tracks and traces key events within customer infrastructure, enabling proactive monitoring of critical operations and product-related events, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing disruptions.

No-code monitoring

FlowOps monitors incidents and errors from nocode tools like Zapier, allowing customers to stay informed about issues occurring in automated operations and tasks, maintaining the integrity of their workflows

Uptime monitoring

FlowOps ensures uptime and reliability by monitoring APIs and internal services, promptly identifying any downtime or performance issues, enabling proactive measures to maintain optimal service levels.

Feature flag control on the edge:

FlowOps provides a feature flag control system, empowering users to easily manage deployments, send maintenance notifications, and selectively enable or disable specific features on the edge of their services, offering flexibility and control over service availability and functionality.